Raising funds through grants

As a non-profit corporation, the band is dependent on donations from individuals and businesses, and on grants from corporations, foundations, and government. We have developed some guidelines, available from this page, which tell both band members and prospective donors what to expect from the fundraising process.

Band members and supporters are encouraged to be aware of opportunities to seek grants to support our activities. Requests for funds made in the name of the band must be approved by the board. They must be signed by an officer of the board. Anyone is welcome to put together a grant request and submit it to the board for review. To aid this process, we provide sources for the supporting information needed by most granting agencies.

Prospective grantors will want information about our organization and what we intend to do with the money we are requesting. Since most grant applications are similar, this page includes much of what you will need or at least a pointer to where it can be found. In general, they will want:

  • Contact information about our organization
  • Verification of our tax exempt status
    • Our IRS tax id number (called the EIN or TIN)
    • A copy of the IRS letter granting 501(c)(3) status
  • Financial information about our organization
    • Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet)
    • Statement of Financial Activities (Income Statement)
    • Budget for the current year
  • The purpose and goals of our bands
  • What we will do with the funds
  • How the funds allocated will benefit the community and the special interests of the grantor

Purpose and goals of the our bands

The mission of our organization is to provide within our community:

  • a means for adult amateur musicians to rehearse and perform;
  • free public concerts for residents and visitors;
  • low-cost live music for non-profit organizations;
  • support for civic and cultural activities.

What we will do with the funds

Grant requests are for something specific that we need to support our mission. That usually excludes day to day operating costs. Grants are usually for purchase of

  • music for performance, including promotion of composition and arrangement by local people
  • instruments and instrument stands (usually percussion)
  • equipment related to rehearsals and performance, which might include
    • music stands, chairs for rehearsal and performance, jazz fronts, risers
    • equipment such as tuners, speakers, sound sytems, projectors
  • sponsorship of performance clinics and workshops
  • attendance at clinics, festivals and contests to improve our performance
  • travel to nearby communities to promote Fairbanks as a cultural hub benefiting the area

Benefits of the grant

The applications should provide narrative relating our request for fund to how they will reflect the grantor's interests. For example, if the prospective grantor is promoting tourism, we would point out how outdoor concerts in downtown attract visitors, demonstrate our community's interest in and appreciation of cultural and social activities, and show how residents are involved with supporting tourism. The nature of the narrative will vary with the prospective grantor.

About the band

The website includes a brief history, our articles of incorporation and bylaws, lists of music we play or want to play, a performance history including past programs, and our current schedule. It can be a valuable resource for grant writers. Explore or ask.

Aid for Grant Requestors
Organization nameFairbanks Community Band, Inc.
Physical addressFairbanks Community Band, Inc.
3528 International St
Fairbanks, AK 99701
Mailing addressFairbanks Community Band, Inc.
PO Box 72586
Fairbanks, AK 99707
Contact informationThe person coordinating this grant for the band
Include name, phone, email, address as necessary
Tax ID92-0155965
Copy of IRS letter and Financial statements Contact the Treasurer
Mission and purposeAvailable here. Additional information available from the web site home page
Who we are; what we doSee the web Introduction page and
condense as necessay
Personnel, payroll, directors See the web Volunteers page