How the band solicits and recognizes donation

This document may assist members in soliciting donations or in writing grant applications. It describes the uses we make of donations, how we acknowledge them, how we manage donated funds, and the uses to which donations of various types can but put.


Donations may take many forms:

  • By check. Your cancelled check is your receipt.
  • In cash. If you tell us who you are, we will provide a receipt. Otherwise, the donation is considered anonymous.
  • Goods or services needed by the band. Please get agreement from the Board to donate in this way.

Instead of a cash contribution, often there can be significant tax advantages by donating securities or other assets directly to the Band. Another creative contribution method is to include us in your estate plans. (Contact your accountant or your attorney for details.)

Furthermore, many companies have a Matching Gifts Program. Check with your employer to see if they can multiply the value of your gift through such a program.

Donations may be directed to any combination of:

  1. the general fund for day to day operations of the Band (unrestricted)
  2. the music fund for purchase music for the Band (restricted)
  3. the instrument fund, to purchase and maintain percussion instruments (restricted)
  4. the equipment fund for purchase of stands, lights, and similar items (restricted)
Unrestricted Funds
Funds which pay for day to day operation of the Band. Examples are printing of programs for concerts, advertising,
Restricted Fund
Some funds are restricted to expenditures for specific purposes. Restrictions are created by the Board of Directors and can be modified only by a vote of the board. Restrictions protect designated funds for use for day to day use. They help us accumulate enough funds to make larger purchase or for unexpected needs in critical areas.

Acknowledging donations

As a thank you, donors will receive:

  1. A personal thank you note from the Band
  2. A receipt for your donation for tax purposes
  3. Your name in our list of donors for that year in programs