Fairbanks Community Band, Inc.
Music Library for Concert Band

Building a library of music people will enjoy hearing, without having to frequently repeat tunes, is important to both players and audience. We invite everyone to contribute to developing the music library of the Fairbanks Community Band. There are several ways to support the library:

  1. You can simply donate to the general fund, some of which buys music.
  2. You can donate any amount to a music fund, which will be used only to build the library.
  3. You can select a piece you would like and contribute the price of the music to the Band. We can help you find the cost of a piece of interest.

The contribution of money or other assets, or of music to the library may include music for jazz band, concert band, or music ensembles. All are treated equally and will be recognized by the Band as donations for tax purposes and for expressions of appreciation.

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Box   Selection Composer Arranger Performed Notes
Box   Selection Composer Arranger Performed Notes