Fairbanks Community Band, Inc.

Licenses, registrations, & reports

Item ID code or agency Renewal
Renewals are LATE after the "Renew by" date.
You can verify our status on the by searching the State of Alaska data base of corporations .
IRS tax code 92-0155965 n/a
State entity ID 53259D n/a
State business license 942009 annual Jan 1
2 year option
City business license 4891 annual Jan 1
Charitable organization registration State of Alaska annual Sep 1
IRS 990 (N) Internal Revenue Service (IRS) annual May 15
Non-profit corporation biennial report State of Alaska Jul 1, even numbered years
Use of performance hall FNSB Parks & Recreation annual Jan 1
Change registered agent State of Alaska as needed

A reliable way to demonstrate our nonprofit’s tax status is to confirm that we are listed on the IRS’s Exempt Organization List. The IRS updates this publication regularly and lists organizations to which gifts are tax-deductible. This list can be searched by the name of the organization (Fairbanks Community Band or by our Tax ID, above).